Friedman’s Home Improvement Receives a North Bay GIVES Award


Name of CEO or leader of charitable efforts or your group: Barry Friedman

Their title: President and CEO

Address of the registered office of the company: 1385 N. McDowell Blvd., Petaluma, CA 94954


As an organization, there is clearly a desire to encourage employees and the company to support associations and their causes. In what ways is this culture embedded in your organization?

As a third-generation family business, we’ve been rooted in the North Bay community even before opening our first store in Petaluma in 1946.

This community is our home. At home, at our customers, at our 600+ team members and we feel a sense of commitment to give back to our community that has provided us with so much opportunity and support.

Serving others is one of our core values; it’s what we do every day in our business and what we believe is our responsibility to do in our community. As the community supported us, we were able to do more for the community.

How did you and/or your employees perceive the benefits of this investment in the company? These can be specific examples or general feedback you have received.

We attract people who want to be part of a local, values-based business.

We are surrounded by people who care about our local community and it is this energy that keeps us going.

I remember when the American flag was flown from the flagpole of the Santa Rosa Veterans Building. There was an article about it in The Press Democrat. I walked into the office thinking we had to step in and do something to replace the flag.

I brought this up in a meeting later that morning and heard that one of our dealers, Ed Casey, had already contacted the Vets Building and had a replacement flag on the way for them. This is an example of our team living our values.

Caring enough to take action, finding a way in their power to help improve our community. I was just too slow that day… you have to be quick at Friedman.

Over the past three decades, among its many community outreach and support efforts, Friedman’s has donated more than $160,000 to Social Youth Advocates (SAY) in Santa Rosa. Helping young people is clearly a specificity of your organization. Explain why?

Supporting causes related to education and youth programs has always been a priority of Friedman’s community giving efforts.

We want to do our part to ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities and resources needed to become successful members of society.

Young people are our future. In addition to SAY, Friedman’s has a long history of supporting Schools Plus, funding sports, arts, and music programs at public high and middle schools in Santa Rosa City, as well as other local education, sports, and agriculture programs for young people that exist in all of the communities in North Bay. we serve.

Team members at each of the company’s locations were given the opportunity to vote for local nonprofits of their choice to receive $7,500, with a total of $37,500 distributed to various organizations that rendered an essential service to their communities throughout the pandemic. What are some of the areas your employees have decided to support through this program?

Our team members choose to support nonprofits spanning the communities served by Friedman and many different causes, including education and trades programs, veterans, and organizations providing food and shelter. . They are listed below.

Youth Football Black Oaks – Santa Rosa

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Santa Rosa

Boys and Girls Clubs of Sonoma-Marin

Sonoma Valley Boys and Girls Clubs

Ukiah Boys and Girls Clubs

COTS: Committee on Homelessness

CTE Foundation (Technical Career Education)

FISH – Friends in Sonoma Helping Meals on Wheels Sonoma

Nations Finest – Veterans Organization

NCO – North Coast Opportunities

North Bay Construction Corps

Petaluma Educational Foundation

Redwood Empire Food Bank

Ukiah Valley Christmas Effort

Friedman’s is celebrating its 75th year as a construction supplier. Explain how the idea of ​​giving back to the community became embedded in the company culture and why it took root.

The values ​​my grandfather and great uncles brought to the company 75 years ago and instilled in them by their immigrant parents – integrity, honesty, respect, caring and service – are still the foundation of Friedman’s today. We have always strived to meet the needs of our customers and communities as we grow and evolve.

Our role within the community has become clearer over the past four years. As our community faced challenges, the community looked to us for support and leadership.

We have evolved to become more than just a retailer selling products, we have become a resource that our community relies on.

We accept this role and want to continue to be a model for how a business can positively impact its community. “Forever Friedman’s,” our guiding anthem this year as we celebrated our 75th anniversary, means upholding our mission to help people while strengthening our commitment to serve our communities for many years to come.


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