“Home Economics” Premiere Recap: Season 1, Episode 1 of ABC Comedy


The Hayworth siblings take center stage in new ABC comedy Domestical economy browse the full financial spectrum. Sarah (played by Bluff City Law(Caitlin McGee) is a therapist for low-income, at-risk children…or at least she been before she loses her job. In a much different tax bracket, Connor (american vandal‘s Jimmy Tatro) is so wealthy that when he recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, he moved into Matt Damon’s former estate. Meanwhile, Tom (That 70s show‘s Topher Grace), a novelist whose book sales are declining, is middle class and struggling.

In a moment, we’ll want to know what you thought of the series premiere. But first, a little recap:

Tom, who is narrating the episode, is writing his next book about his family, but Connor and Sarah don’t know it yet. He is married to Marina (How to escape murderis Karla Souza); they have three children, including two twins. He has to ask Connor for a loan but feels weird about it.

When everyone gathers at Connor’s to visit his new home, Tom isn’t the only one keeping secrets. None of the Hayworths know that Sarah is unemployed and she asks his wife Denise (saturday night live alum Sasheer Zamata) and their two children to keep it quiet.

by Matt Damon Connor’s new place is huge and tricked out; her young daughter Gretchen’s playroom looks “like an American Girl store that knocked off a Sephora,” Marina notes. Already uneasy, Sara bursts out when she and Tom learn that Connor was planning to take their parents to the Turks and Caicos Islands for Thanksgiving instead of hosting the vacation at their childhood home as usual.

There are shouts, spurts (by Sarah), returns (also by Sarah) and finally everything – except the subject of Tom’s book – is exposed. Connor happily agrees to help his brother with a loan. And he eventually admits that his wife, Emily, didn’t move to California with him because they’re getting a divorce.

“What a relief. We’re all screwed,” Connor says as the trio hug, a sweet moment made silly by the fact that they’re all in baby carriages when they do. Then they sing their favorite song, Hanson’s “MMMBop” of course, and the rest of the family joins them for a joyous ride.

At the end of the episode, the Turks and Caicos plan is called off. And while everyone is playing Monopoly, they ask what Tom’s book is about. He laughs nervously, then dodges the question.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Grade the premiere via the poll below, then react in the comments!


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