Home Economics Trailer: ABC Sets Topher Grace Comedy Premiere Date


Topher Grace, Caitlin McGee and Jimmy Tatro star as a trio of siblings, each at different financial and life stages.

As a big door to family-friendly ABC comedy closes — farewell to “Modern Family” — the window opens to “Home Economics.” The new show, which had an official April 7 premiere date on Friday, centers on a trio of siblings, each in very different financial situations.

Tom (Topher Grace) is an average novelist with a dwindling readership, Sarah (Caitlin McGee) works with at-risk children, and her younger brother Connor (Jimmy Tatro) is set to live in a sprawling, emptier-than-usual mansion. . They’re a tight-knit group, as are the various children and spouses that make up Hayworth’s larger family tree, including Sarah’s wife, Denise (Sasheer Zamata). Another of the show’s hooks is that aside from the interaction between the siblings’ families, Tom is working on a new novel based on them all.

Writer Michael Colton, National Lampoon’s biopic “A Futile and Stupid Gesture,” based the show on his own life, co-creating and writing the series with his writing partner John Aboud. The pair don’t shy away from “Modern Family” comparisons, but they want to unpack the Hayworth family dynamic in a way that the series’ predecessor couldn’t.

“We’ve been talking for years about how to create the next great family sitcom that reflects all of the stories that Mike has, and that our friends are talking about, and that’s part of the culture,” Aboud said during the “Home Economics” panel. for the Television Critics Association Winter 2021 Virtual Press Tour. “We’ve been fans of ‘Modern Family’ forever. But when you look at these three families and how these stories intersect, you look at their homes, all of these guys are rich. They don’t face financial issues.

Tom’s hesitation also comes a bit from Colton’s experiences. But he explained that he’s been a bit more open with his own family than Tom on the show. “It’s a very meta concept, because a lot of this season is about Tom writing a novel based on his family, but he doesn’t tell them initially. With my family, I told them, but I waited for a bit to read the script. I was a little unsure how they would react, but I think everyone is excited about it,” Colton said.

Watch the entire “Home Economics” (featuring lots of flying Monopoly bills) below:


Another part of the show’s TCA presentation included an ABC parody omnibus that reimagined “Home Economics” like some of the network’s other biggest hits. It’s funny!


“Home Economics” airs Wednesday, April 7 on ABC.

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