Home Team to Obtain Long-Range Autonomous Drones for Disaster and Security Operations


The drones, co-developed with ST Engineering, can be used during security operations in areas that may be inaccessible or in situations too risky for manual operations, HTX said.

They can travel about 8 km in 30 minutes, covering a longer distance and larger area in a single mission, HTX added.

Singapore police announced in May that they would use similar drones to patrol industrial areas. Unlike BVLOS drones, however, these drones must fly within a pilot’s line of sight and cannot be programmed to perform routine operations.

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HTX said in a statement Wednesday that BVLOS drones can be used as first responders to provide a situational picture of an incident. This includes high security events with large crowds, as well as during sustained and routine patrols.

“Because drone footage can be streamed to the police operations command center, police can quickly view and assess the situation before deciding on appropriate resources to send to the field,” he said.

Drones can also play a “critical role” in detecting hazardous materials, monitoring fire scenes and delivering critical supplies like medical equipment, HTX said.

“(This) may include AEDs on critical missions such as building collapses to help achieve faster response time for life-threatening cardiac arrest cases,” he added.

“The ability to command BVLOS flights will increase the efficiency of local team operations and allow frontline officers to focus on higher-order tasks.”


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