Is your home a soft target? Home security review and how to keep burglars at bay


It’s the time of year when people travel to visit loved ones during the holidays and while the owners are away the criminals are out to play.

“If they’re looking for a house or looking for accommodation, they’re really trying to figure out if there’s someone there or if the house is vacant.” Says home security expert Chris Compagna.

Campagna is with Home Security Systems a family business that has been providing home defense systems in the Houston area since 1972.

“What’s the easy target? What’s the easy target? The majority of burglaries take place around the back and sides of houses, that’s usually where people go to get in where they can’t be seen. ” He said.

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Campagna tells Fox 26 that one way to protect your home while traveling is to make it look like someone is home.

However, leaving the same light on for the duration of your absence will no longer suffice, as criminals get smarter and smarter, but luckily so does technology.

“Having lighting systems in the house so we can light the house and have different random timings so the lights go on and off so it looks like someone is actually at the house. House.” Campagna explained.

Most people know the basics to protect their home like alarm systems, Ring doorbell and security cameras which he says are all effective.

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Still, security experts recommend going the extra mile to make sure your home becomes a tough target.

“Property awareness has become an increasingly important part of the security industry. You can receive notifications and visual notifications when someone has entered your property.” Campagna said.

Officer George Guerrero, a 27-year veteran of the Houston Police Department, also has advice for homeowners.

“A barking dog. The security lights go out and all of a sudden you hear a dog barking? Guerrero said.

And it turns out you don’t have to have a dog to trick the bad guys into thinking you have one.

“There are alarms out there where it sounds like a dog, whether you have a dog or not, that’s a cool little thing.” Guerrero said.

In light of the recent and violent home invasions that have occurred in the Houston area, people need to remember to protect their homes even when inside.

Campagna says not to get comfortable, if you’re inside for the night, set your alarm right away and always communicate with strange visitors through your doorbell camera.

So what if even with all the right security measures in place, a criminal still manages to break into your home?

“You have to go through them, you can’t go around them, so you go through them.” Said Joseph Pete, co-owner of Level 6 Krav Maga in Houston.

Level 6 teaches intense and effective self-defense tactics.

“There comes a time when you have nowhere to go, you have to fight that person, and I would say to be more offensive than defensive.

I use speed, I use time, I use any advantage I have to take down the attacker so I can get to safety. The longer I take, the more they search my room for weapons,” Pete said.

And some owners may think that since they have a gun, they will be able to fend off a criminal with no problem.

Lamont Perkins, Houston CCW instructor and owner of the GUNNS training academy says that if you’re not educated on how to react in a high-stress situation, a gun won’t do you any good.

“Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you’re safe because someone can take that gun away from you, always train in the worst case scenario.” Said Perkins.

And Pete says there’s a technique everyone at home should practice, so if the worst-case scenario happens, you’ll have an advantage.

“Can you walk around your apartment or house with the lights off or your eyes closed and not hit anything? If someone is there at 2 or 3 a.m. and it’s dark, you have advantage because you know the terrain.”


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