Sasheer Zamata talks about his new ABC sitcom “Home Economics”


“Home Economics” co-star Sasheer Zamata said the realism of her new ABC sitcom hit close to home.

“There aren’t too many family shows that talk about money, which is kind of surprising,” Zamata, 34, told The Post. “What do you do when a member of your family lends you money? I’ve also had money issues with different members of my family – and I can certainly relate to how that’s portrayed on the show.

“There’s a lot of implication with that.”

There is – and this is the premise of “Home Economics,” airing Wednesdays (8:30 p.m.) The ensemble comedy revolves around the three closely related Hayworth siblings – Sarah (Caitlin McGee), Tom (Topher Grace) and Connor (Jimmy Tatro) — who are at different levels of the socio-economic scale. Connor, the youngest, is a dim private equity multi-millionaire with a broken marriage; Tom, a bestselling author, is married with children to ex-lawyer Marina (Karla Souza) and struggles with money; and older sister Caitlin, who is married to schoolteacher Denise (Zamata), has just been fired from her job and is worried about how they will support themselves and their two children.

The sitcom was inspired by the life of Michael Colton, who co-created the series with John Aboud.

“Denise is more of an outside observer of the Hayworths’ madness; Marina and Denise married into this family and there’s a lot to see,” said Zamata, an actress/comedian who spent four seasons on “Saturday Night Live” and whose resume includes roles on “Woke,” ” The Last OG” and Syfy’s “The Pole.”

Sasheer Zamata (left) and Caitlin McGee play Denise and Sarah in the ABC ensemble sitcom “Home Economics.”

“Denise is very down to earth and energetic and she’s a spirited woman, which isn’t much different from me. She loves astrology, crystals and the moon, but she’s also practical – she is there to calm Sarah down and make sure she keeps a cool head with her brothers.

“She kind of rocks Sarah, that way.”

“Home Economics” marks Zamata’s first co-starring role in a network sitcom.

“There’s a little more heart to this show, and you definitely have moments of real connections between these characters and also some jokes and it’s very funny,” she said. “There are moments that are very varied in emotion and, because the bond of the series is money, it can be difficult to talk about them – with a significant other, siblings, parents, children. … I think it can take us to different places. [in the series].”

Denise will also add a few surprises as the series progresses, she said. (Seven episodes have been shot so far.)

“There’s a funny story where she gets more involved with Connor’s work. You’d think she’d reject this – not wanting to get involved because it’s blood money or not a good thing socially on the surface – but she really gets into it and uses her ‘woo woo’ ways. to connect at a real level.”

A photo showing the cast of "Domestical economy" including Karla Souza, Jimmy Tatro and Topher Grace.
The “Home Economics” cast includes Karla Souza and Jimmy Tatro (second and third from left) and Topher Grace (far right).

Zamata, who was auditioning for roles on other shows before landing “Home Economics,” said Denise offered a different perspective.

“I don’t think I auditioned for any other characters that were this crunchy granola, to say the least,” she said. “I like that she’s kind, but I also like that she’s down to earth and not just a blindly positive person. She can also bring people down to earth and bring herself down to earth too.

“I like the way she fits into this family, even in her relationship with Sarah, which is very pragmatic and also a bit crusty, but she gets a lot angrier at the world than [Denise]. We create a nice balance with each other – yes, Sarah is right most of the time, but Denise can bring her into this world of ‘We don’t have to crush everyone because they’re wrong. We can also use love to get what we want.

“It’s a great dynamic to see within this big family.”


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