Topher Grace Talks New Episode of “Home Economics,” Mark Cuban’s Guest Stars

NEW YORK — This week’s episode of “Home Economics” has a special guest star: ABC “Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban!

Cuban plays Connor’s friend in a high-stakes poker game that Tom and Sarah decide to crash.

“This season we have to do more and better,” said Topher Grace, “Tom.” “I’m a huge ‘Shark Tank’ fan, I think I’ve seen every episode of that show, and then I could sit next to him for a few days and ask him all the questions I wanted about ‘Shark Tank’ , or his life, or whatever it was, it was so exciting.”

He went on to say that they got along very well during filming.

“He was the guy you wanted him to be,” he said. “He’s exactly what you want him to be.”

“Home Economics” has now apparently hit its stride in its second season. Grace says the cast has gelled and they really feel like siblings at times.

“We spend so much time together, probably more time together than with our real families during the season and it’s such a pleasure,” Grace said, “I actually don’t know if they’re rolling out on me. , but I scatter over them all the time!”

He said the chemistry between the actors couldn’t be faked and it reminded him of a feeling he had in the past.

“I’ve been on a dream team before, and I know how rare that is,” Grace said, referring to her “That ’70s Show” days. “There’s just such a family feeling. You’re supposed to lie as an actor, but over these many episodes you can’t lie, you actually have to like people to portray that kind of thing.”

Don’t miss the next episode of “Home Economics” Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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