26 families get home improvement grants



26 people received their home improvement grant check. – Photo by Grevic Alvarado

Twenty-six people in eastern Trinidad received home improvement grant checks from Housing and Urban Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis on Wednesday.

The handover took place at the Bon Air Gardens Community Center, Arouca.

The beneficiaries are people who live between Manzanilla and Bon Air.

Robinson-Regis said the home improvement grant scheme is part of the government’s overall housing plan.

“We are expanding assistance to families in need. It is part of the national human development program. Sometimes it’s repairs and other times it’s house extensions due to growing families,” Robinson-Regis said. “I am happy that people can receive their help to improve their living conditions.

She said the government is investing in people despite the economic hardship the world is facing due to the covid19 pandemic.

“The pandemic has shown us that with challenges, we are resilient people. The government and the people take care of each other and support each other. Today, the government distributes checks to improve their living conditions, to be in comfortable houses,” she said.

Robinson-Regis said she knew material prices and the cost of living were going up, but it always helped improve their homes.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Camille Robinson-Regis presented the ministry’s Home Improvement Grant Program check to Rosanne Francois, during the ceremony held at the Bon Community Center Air Gardens, in Arouca, on Wednesday. – Photo by Grevic Alvarado

She said her ministry had received over 19,700 applications and was lucky to have been selected for this grant.

In this opportunity, 70 families benefit from a total of $800,000.

“Construction is progressing, we are progressing,” she said.

Also present at the ceremony were the Minister at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Adrian Leonce and Permanent Secretary Claire Davidson-Williams.

Approved repairs:

Roofing and repair of roofs; electrical work; plumbing, including the installation of indoor toilets and bathrooms; improved facilities for people with disabilities; expand, improve and adapt spaces to reduce overcrowding; replace damaged floors, doors, cabinets and windows; other work deemed critical to maintain the integrity of the structure.


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