A “sovereign cloud” will be developed for the Singapore local team


SINGAPORE – A secure online network that could provide Home Team agencies such as the Singapore Police Force and Civil Defense Force with advanced IT resources to assist officers in the field is being developed.

This network, dubbed “sovereign cloud” and considered a first for Singapore, was announced on Thursday February 10 by the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) and the American technology giant Microsoft. They develop the network together.

Although HTX did not provide details about its sovereign cloud, these networks and the related concept of digital sovereignty generally allow data to be collected and processed securely and to remain within country borders.

These issues have been in the spotlight amid fears that the United States will use its laws to compel American tech companies, which build much of the backbone of the internet, to return data stored on servers. located in other countries. In response, some nations are building their own sovereign clouds, AFP reported.

On February 3, German information technology companies SAP and Arvato Systems announced that they would deploy secure sovereign cloud infrastructure for the German public sector. The network will be based on Microsoft technology, but its “infrastructure will be strictly separate from Microsoft’s global data center infrastructure” and governed by German law, the firms said.

Microsoft is also working on a similar sovereign cloud for France, AFP reported.

HTX and Microsoft said Thursday that its move to the sovereign cloud “will play a key role in Home Team’s digital transformation and enable Home Team to enhance the safety and security of all citizens, residents and visitors to Singapore.” “.

HTX is responsible for developing advanced capabilities for security or rescue operations for the local team.

Both organizations said the sovereign cloud, combined with high-speed connections and analytics, would provide local team agents with real-time data so they can respond to incidents and make decisions faster.

The online network will allow the agency to have access to resources to store data and perform on-demand high-performance cloud computing, as well as meet emerging technology needs in Singapore’s Home Team departments, HTX said. and Microsoft.

HTX didn’t say whether it currently has access to such cloud computing, but it has rolled out a number of technology initiatives in recent years.

For example, a four-legged robot called Rover-X is being tested to be first responders to bolster disaster rescue work, especially in hazardous areas. The Rover-X is packed with sensors and cameras and can move around autonomously, even tackling stairs, curbs and other terrain that stop the progress of traditional crawler or wheeled robots.

Cloud computing, which generally refers to the delivery of IT services and applications over networks, has proven benefits. Companies have used it to analyze data that could help them identify trends, for example.

These IT services can be quickly scaled up or down by organizations as needed and they pay the service provider for what they use, freeing them from the need to purchase their own servers and maintain them for storage. and data processing. As cloud computing uses standardized hardware and software, the costs are also lower for users.


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