ABC’s ‘Home Economics’ Reveals a New Look, Starring Topher Grace – Deadline


ABC released an extended first look clip for a new comedy series Domestical economy during the show’s virtual TCA presentation today. The Topher Grace series will air on April 7.

Inspired by the real-life experiences of writer and executive producer Michael Colton, the show documents the uncomfortable but heartwarming relationships of three siblings in very different situations: one in the ultra-rich, one in the middle class, and one scratching .

Co-writer and producer John Aboud said they were looking for the next big family sitcom that would include the national conversation on income inequality and thought Colton’s financially diverse family was a fit for the part.

The writers observed that although there were many great family dramas, none addressed the monetary differences between the characters.

“We were fans of modern family always. But when you look at these three families and how these stories intersect… All of these guys are rich,” Aboud joked.

Colton added that we often see shows about blue-collar families or wealthy families, but none of a family with all the layers.

Domestical economy also sees the return of Topher Grace to the small screen from her days on That 70s show. Although Grace claimed he was initially skeptical of her return, the cast chemistry ensured her choice to accept the role.

I was nervous the first day we started shooting and after about 48 hours I got overconfident. The reason is because of these actors who are here. It’s like a dream team,” Grace explained during the virtual TCA session.

The series also stars Caitlin McGee, Jimmy Tatro, Karla Souza and Sasheer Zamata.

Rounding out the cast are Shiloh Bearman, Jordyn Curet, Chloe Jo Rountree and JeCobi Swain.

Check out the extended first look video above and first look photos below.

Temma Hankin/ABC

Temma Hankin/ABC


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