Austin Weber is Hoover’s hockey star


PELHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – The Birmingham Bulls are on a two-game winning streak.

These are the first consecutive wins of the season.

Another milestone for the team this year? They signed their first local player.

The ice at the Pelham Civic Complex is home to Austin Weber in more ways than one.

Hailing from Hoover, Weber chose the statistically even more physical sport.

“I don’t even mind being punched honestly,” Weber said.

Weber has played professional hockey across the country, including Minnesota, Ohio and North Dakota.

In December, he returns home.

“It’s kind of weird, especially because I saw what the rink looked like when it was older, and then it became like this,” Weber said. “I play here every day, lots of memories here.”

For the first time in his career, his family attends all home games.

“They’re sitting up there, just above the Zamboni gate, I see them every time I come off the ice,” Weber added.

He can even hear them above the noisy crowd if he ever fights.

“My mom and dad are definitely there trying to get to the glass, banging on it,” Weber said.

Weber wants to continue climbing the professional hockey ladder.

“There are always guys trying to get you into this league, and you’re trying to get into the next league, so you have to keep working,” Weber said.

No matter where his career takes him next, the right wing will always remember what it was like to adapt to his hometown.

“It’s just surreal to have them all watching me play for the Bulls,” Weber said.

The bulls are home Friday and Saturday night this week. Check their schedule here.


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