Calgary will fund home security systems worth up to $8,000 for advisors


Calgary City Council has approved a plan to fund home security systems for council members after multiple protests took place outside the homes of Alberta politicians, including Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek.

Following advice from the city’s corporate security, the council voted for the city to provide home security systems and installation worth up to $8,000 plus $100 monthly monitoring fees additional board members who so wish.

The council voted 8 to 7 in favor of the measure.

Several board members, including André Chabot, Dan McLean and Sean Chu, voted against the funding. Chabot said councilors should pay for their own safety, not taxpayers.

“I believe there are a lot of taxpayers who think they should have increased security who earn a lot less than us and they don’t have the same opportunity,” he said.

District 1 Com. Sonya Sharp said the council’s salary had recently increased and Calgarians’ taxes had gone up.

“I think safety is important to me and my family and I’m protecting them. I feel like I’m making enough money to pay for it myself, and I will. So I can’t support what’s going on with me. waits today, but I will support my colleagues and other forms to have conversations about where and how they can be safe in this role,” she said.

Gondek said she wasn’t sure all councilors had the wherewithal to ensure their own safety.

“I want to make sure that given what is happening right now and the escalation continues, my colleagues who are in public service have the opportunity to access funds to protect their homes and families. is why I voted for,” she said. .

Ward 11 County Kourtney Penner slammed those who think security shouldn’t come with work as the threat level has increased.

“Neing security is not an advantage,” Penner said. “It’s not an advantage. It’s a by-product of the environment we live in. We have spaces where people can demonstrate, we allow demonstrations in front of the town hall for a very good reason. Our houses are not our workplaces.”


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