Cove Home Security Review 2022 – Forbes Advisor


One of the best things about Cove is the absence of contracts that lock you into your service for an extended period of time. You are always free to cancel your service – at any time – regardless of the monitoring plan.

They also offer a no-risk return policy: if you don’t love your gear, not only will Cove give you a full refund, but they’ll also pay the shipping costs.

You can instantly call the surveillance team 24/7 via the touchscreen instead of a keypad, which uses a cellular connection to communicate with surveillance officers, which also means that a Wi- Spotty Fi won’t mean an interruption in your home security. And rest assured, that means even in the event of a power outage, a 24-hour battery backup will kick in to ensure you never lose that connection.

Additionally, there are several ways for officers to contact you if they detect a potential home security breach: via a text message, followed by a call from the panel itself, and a last resort phone call created multiple secure paths to ensure you get the message. Their website claims their system provides faster emergency dispatch and fewer false alarms, with TripleTouch alarm response which means your emergency can be confirmed faster and they can send emergency responders to the way to help in 30 seconds.


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