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It’s your life, Marina Hayworth (Karla Souza)!

All Domestical economy’ The Hayworths are hilarious, but there’s always been something sneakily goofy about Tom’s wife. A Mexican-American who had left her law firm to raise their children, she originally seemed quite pragmatic… especially considering that one of her in-laws has a fleet of mini race cars and “a jet ski guy. ”

But then the writers slowly started giving us clues about just how weird she was. Over the past season and a half, we’ve discovered Marina’s ability to drink wine on a treadmill, her willingness to bet against her own husband, and her almost pathological obsession with true crime (Who Killed Miguel Alvarez?! ). Let’s face it, Marina is the most likely Hayworth to end up in a 20/20 segment, whether as a witness or a suspect. And we love it like we love this show.

Now we’re learning more about Marina’s own family history and it’s pretty iconic, as far as casting goes. TV Insider has learned exclusively that comedy legend (and pioneering weed advocate) Cheech Marin will appear on the January 19 episode as Marina’s father, Roberto. Not much is known about the guy, but according to the show’s reps, the Nash Bridges The alum’s visit will send Tom (Topher Grace) into a spiral of insecurity while reawakening a whole host of unhappy memories for Roberto’s baby girl, who is “struggling to make peace with her dad.”


Whatever the issues in between, we’re betting Roberto’s watered tea — and a few other elaborate efforts we’ve had a look at — will help smooth things over.

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