‘Fox and Friends Weekend’ shares home improvement secrets as supply chain issues continue


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If home improvement projects have piled up around the house or apartment due to product delays caused by supply chain issues in the United States, don’t worry.

Speaking at “Fox & Friends Weekend” on February 5, 2022, DIY expert Chip Wade shared ideas and products we can use and buy right now to spruce up our homes or apartments in time for spring. .

Here are some key tips for moving forward.

Brighten up those walls without damaging them

Picking up a hammer and nailing pictures or artwork to the walls sounds pretty harmless, doesn’t it?

Chip Wade during a “Fox and Friends Weekend” appearance on Saturday. Feb. 5, 2022. He shared smart tips for sprucing up our homes and apartments ahead of spring 2022. “You won’t damage your walls” if you try this technique, he noted.

Guess again.

Wade suggested using 3M Command Adjustables as a “simple” and valid alternative to damaging walls. It’s all “hook and loop,” he said.

“You won’t damage your walls. You can put them on almost any material,” he added.

Plus, they have flexibility.

They are easy to remove without tools.

Chip Wade gives owners tips and how-to techniques during his segment

Chip Wade shares practical tips and techniques for homeowners during his “Fox and Friends Weekend” segment on February 5, 2022 — tips we can use right now to spruce up our living spaces.

“Let’s talk about storage”

Wade is also a master carpenter on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal: The Block.” He said for storage needs around the house, the RYOBI LINK Modular Storage System is worth a look.

Moving parts fit together and are waterproof.

Heavy-duty wall brackets can help reduce clutter in the garage, “holding 75 pounds per [linear] foot,” he said.

Kids’ sports equipment, rakes, shovels and more can go in these racks, Wade said.

Where do you store your children's or grandchildren's sports equipment?  Chip Wade offered some smart suggestions for storage and organization.

Where do you store your children’s or grandchildren’s sports equipment? Chip Wade offered some smart suggestions for storage and organization.

He said the system offers versatility, portability and accessibility.

The best part? “These are made here in the United States,” Wade said.

For larger structural projects like swing sets and decks, he suggested trying SPAX screws (no more pre-drilling into wood). These not only work on wood, but also on masonry, concrete, metal and even plastic.

Become slim and clean

Wade also suggested making cleaning easier with the VacuVorteX. The product attaches directly to the exhaust port of a wet dry vacuum cleaner. “It will save you time,” he said.

It reduces the noise of the wet-dry vacuum cleaner by a few decibels, underlines the VacuVorteX site.

Upgrade the towel rack

Chilly after a bath or shower? Wade suggested turning the bathroom towel rack into a heated towel rack using Amba products. Rack can hold a single deluxe towel or two standard size towels.

A heated towel rail can help warm kids (or adults) after a bath or shower, Chip Wade pointed out in a segment

A heated towel rack can help warm kids (or adults) after a bath or shower, Chip Wade pointed out in a “Fox and Friends Weekend” segment.

Additionally, there are options for three or more towels for a warmer experience, he noted.

The “towel racks consume about the same amount of energy as a few light bulbs,” Amba’s website points out.

Wade even recommended using racks to warm children’s blankets to keep toddlers “nice and cozy” on cold winter mornings. In addition, some models can be plugged into a wall outlet.


Atlanta native Chip Wade represents several national brands as a spokesperson. He is the owner of Wade Works Creative LLC, which offers residential and commercial design services, as well as architecture.

Many of the products he mentioned are available at big box retailers and building outlets.


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