Home Economics: Benefits of Cash Back Credit Cards; Reluctance to return to the office full time

Fundamentals are the best portfolio defense against Russian invasion

Geopolitical risk has been at the forefront of the markets this week. Personal finance columnist Dale Jackson said that while this type of risk can be difficult to gauge even for the most experienced investors, in most cases the the best hedge is diversification. How to achieve it? He said that for many investors, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds may be their best bet.

Returning to the office full time? Survey finds most say ‘no thanks’

A new poll has shown that many Canadian office workers don’t want to return to their cubicles full-time. A report by Amazon Business found that 57% of respondents would prefer a hybrid work model, and 43% would likely seek alternative employment if their employer required them to return to the office five days a week. However, there are ways employers can entice workers to come back. Read about it here.

Closing the financial gap between men and women

As CTV chief financial commentator Pattie Lovett-Reid says, International Women’s Day is “a day to celebrate and a day to say we can do a little better.” She refers to the fact that while more and more women are moving up the corporate ladder and increasingly starting their own businesses, there is still a long way to go. bridging the financial gap.

How to navigate the tax code if you’re a gig economy worker

As more and more young Canadians turn to the gig economy to earn extra money, the Canada Revenue Agency is paying closer attention to potentially underreported income on corporate tax returns. individuals. Tax reporting can be confusing if you have income from various sources such as advertisements or sponsorships. BNN Bloomberg talked to experts on how gig-economy workers can navigate the tax code.

The Benefits of Cash Back Credit Cards

Thinking of spending money on “treats”? Ratehub.ca recently released a 2021 Digital Currency Trends Report which indicates that 78% of credit cardholders use a card that offers some sort of reward, with cash back considered the most popular. Mikael Castaldo, general manager of day-to-day banking at Ratehub.ca, said instant cashback could help you get the most out of your savings, avoiding the potential limitations associated with in-store credit cards or debit cards. travel rewards. “The rate of return you get is extremely clear,” he said.

Fewer new mortgages even before rate hike

Canadians were already taking fewer new mortgages before the Bank of Canada raised its key rate last week to 0.50%, according to Equifax. New mortgages fell 8.12% year over year in the last three months of 2021, with hot housing markets like Toronto and Hamilton falling 16.1 and 18.7% respectively. The average loan for new mortgages climbed 10.1% from the fourth quarter of 2020, reaching $355,000, before falling 1.5% from the third quarter, marking the first decline since the start of the pandemic.



“The competition for talent is as fierce as I’ve seen it, maybe ever”

Derek Neldner, CEO of RBC Capital Markets, on the current hiring landscape

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