Home economics star Topher Grace becomes Iron Man


Topher Grace dresses up as Iron Man in the latest episode of Domestical economy. His character Tom wears homemade armor while Jimmy Tatro looks like he left the set of one of the first MCU movies. Marvel.com has caught up with the Spiderman 3 star to talk about his love of superhero comics. (For longtime fans, the former Venom actor has had a soft spot for the genre most of his life.) No, you probably won’t see him in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but you can check out this amazing Iron Man suit. on ABC.

“Well, yeah. I was really into comics as a kid, but I wasn’t aware of Iron Man,” he explained. “But that movie. Oh my god I remember watching that first movie in theaters, it’s just amazing and I’m a huge fan of Jon Favreau. I’m so impressed with what they did with the MCU. And, like everyone else, I’m addicted to it. I feel what I had as a teenager about the comics the way I feel now as an adult about those movies.

Grace added, “Every time I see an interview with Kevin Feige. He’s a genius obviously, but he’s like we’re just going to the comics. Like that What if…? comic that I remember really loving. As if Spider-Man married Gwen Stacey. You remind me now what we should have done, at the end of the episode, is Samuel L. Jackson shows up and is, ‘Hey, we need you. We need you five. You five adults in Domestical economy. I form a team.'”

When the time came to have a Halloween episode, the actor basically offered the MCU as a starting point.

“But one of the interesting things that I was aware of because I’m the producer of it is that these writers had this idea of ​​what would happen if everything didn’t just look like superheroes,” he revealed. “I remember when I was on That 70s showwe made a Star Wars-themed show, but I was like, “No one has done this Marvel-themed show yet.” And it’s the currency of the kingdom right now. We even got to use this amazing Alan Silvestri theme in there.”

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