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Domestical economy is one of the best sitcoms to release in the 2021 season. Its fresh take on family and the family sitcom genre perfectly balances the issues facing every family today, from economic differences to financial struggles and the different personalities that clash. But deep down, it’s about a family coming together.

Aside from the quality of the writing, much of the show’s success is due to the talented cast, which includes veteran TV actors as well as newcomers.

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Some of the faces are familiar from other projects while others may be recognizable, though fans simply can’t place where they’ve seen them before.

9 Topher Grace: That 70s Show

Tom and Marina from Home Economics

Of course, Topher Grace’s most notable previous role was as dry and sarcastic as Eric Forman on the hugely popular Fox sitcom That 70s show. But his credit list includes many other roles, including roles like Eddie Brock/Venom in Spiderman 3 and David Duke in BlackkKlasman.

Although Grace’s film resume is quite lengthy, he also continued to work in television, including doing voiceovers for King of the Hill, Robot Chicken, The simpsons, and featured in the “Smithereens” episode of the popular anthology series black mirror. He plays the struggling writer and his eldest son Tom in this sitcom.

8 Caitlin McGee: Mythic Quest

Sarah from Home Economics with Denise by her side

Fans might recognize McGee, who plays anxious child therapist and middle child Sarah, from her recurring role on the Apple TV+ series. mythical quest. She played Sue in four episodes.

Before that, she had a main role in the series Bluff City Law and appeared in two episodes of the Amazon Prime Video anthology series modern love. McGee has been on many other top shows with small roles, including Grey’s Anatomy, The Marvelous Mrs. Maiseland Shades of blue.


7 Jimmy Tatro: 22 Jump Street

Close-up of Connor from Home Economics wearing a suit

While most know Tatro initially from his massively successful YouTube channel LifeAccording to Jimmyhe burst into the world of cinema with his role as Rooster in 22 jump street.

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If it’s not from these two projects, fans might recognize Tatro’s booming voice from a small role he played in adults 2or for the 2016 movie blue mountain state. He also received critical acclaim for his starring role in Netflix’s satirical original true-crime series. American Vandal. Tatro puts his acting skills on full display in his role as rich but dumb jock son, Connor.

6 Karla Souza: How to get away with murder

Karla Souza as Laurel in How to Get Away With Murder

Souza was the fierce and terrifying Laurel Castillo on How to get away with murderwho was never afraid to talk to Annalize Keating and always knew how to keep a cool head when the group found themselves in a dangerous situation.

While she still plays a former lawyer in her role as Marina, Tom’s wife and a stay-at-home mom on this show, she’s not quite as mysterious of a character. Souza has also appeared in a number of Spanish language films and starred in the 2020 series the President before landing this role.

5 Sasheer Zamata: Saturday Night Live

Denise from Home Economics with Sarah sitting beside

Fans of sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live will have instantly recognized Zamata from her time there as one of the many black cast members the show has had throughout its run and one of the very few black women cast on the show. She was a cast member from 2014 to 2017, where she did Rihanna impersonations and played recurring characters like Janelle, the teenage host of her own YouTube channel and Keeley, a recurring player on a black version of Peril! called Black danger!

Proving her timing and comedic talents, Zamata is one of the most likable characters in this series, where she plans Sarah’s cool-headed teacher and his wife Denise. Fans might also recognize her as Ayana on the show Wake up and three episodes of The last OG

4 Nora Dunn: Saturday Night Live

Close-up of Muriel from Home Economics

Yes, Dunn, who plays the Muriel family matriarch, was also a cast member on Saturday Night Live. But that was in the ’80s, where she was on the show from 1985 to 1990. Some of her notable characters included Ashley Ashley, the cocky film critic of the recurring “Actors on Film” skit, and one half of the Sweeney Sisters. .

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Since then, she has had small roles on television, including series like Everybody loves Raymond, The X-Files, New Girland The nanny. Dunn also had a starring role in the series sistersplayed a judge on How to escape murderand played a doctor on both Grace and Frankie and Chicago Med.

3 Phil Reeves: Veep

Marshall separates Tom and Connor after a fight at a wedding on Home Economics

As the patriarch of the Marshall family, Reeves brings welcome comedic breaks to the sitcom. More recently, prior to this role, fans might recognize him as the HBO series’ new VP Andrew Doyle. Veep.

But he’s had a long and steady acting career that dates back to the 1980s. Other shows he’s appeared on include Law LA, 3rd Rock from the Sun, The Office, Desperate Housewives, Girlfriendsand Brooklyn nine-nine.

2 Justine Lupe: Estate

Emily and Gretchen holding hands by the door on home economics

Appearing only in the final episode as Emily, Gretchen’s mother and Connor’s ex, Justine Lupe has played so many diverse characters that fans might not recognize her in many roles. One of the most notable of recent times is in HBO’s award-winning series Successionwhere she ironically plays the wife of another Connor, Roy’s eldest son.

But fans might also recognize her for her starring role on the show. Mr Mercedes and in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She also appeared in an episode of the TV series Land Younger as fictional party girl and socialite Jade Winslow, one of the series’ many parody characters.

1 Nicole Byer: I succeeded!

She only appeared in one episode as an agent who called Tom with interest to release the book he was secretly writing about his family, but Byer is known for her role as the host of the Netflix TV series. Nailed it! where non-bakers attempt to recreate fabulous baked creations, often with hilarious results.

Besides a few small roles in films dating back to 2014, Byer has also appeared in episodes of 30 Rock, Pursuit of Sensuality, Lady Dynamiteand The Unicorn, and did tons of voice work. She also had her own series, which aired from 2016 to 2018, titled Vaguely Exactly Nicolewhich first aired on MTV and then moved to Facebook Watch.

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