Home improvement projects for winter


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Take advantage of winter days at home to make improvements around your home.

Even if you’ve never been a DIYer, these projects are great for beginners and offer stylish new looks for almost any room in your home.

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Make something old new, spruce up your walls, or be crafty to keep the heat in.

Dress up your walls

To install floating shelves for your bathroom – or just about any room in your home – for a surprisingly low cost. These shelves are both functional and decorative. In addition to the wood, you need a nail gun and nails, wood glue, screws, a drill, and stain in the color of your choice. And while they’re fun to make, the real excitement comes when accessorizing the shelves. Clocks, candles, hand towels, fancy soaps on a dish, and a green plant will add organization and a pop of color to your bathroom. Your head will be spinning thinking of all the places these shelves could go!

Removable wallpaper maybe just the upgrade your room needs! And with so many color and pattern options and the ease of installation, you can change the mood of any room without fear of a long-term commitment. From bold or understated florals to a large buffalo throw to the popular Shiplap, your bedroom can become the oasis of your dreams. Some wallpapers have helpful guidelines on the back for quick and easy alignment, and other brands come in different sizes to fit any wall without a lot of cutting. They are easy to reposition without messy paste or glue and without leaving residue. You can truly have no-commitment beauty and pleasure and a personalized look in a jiffy.

First impressions count. Make your guests feel warm and welcome with this invite Entrance organizer. This beginner level project requires a common board, ceiling hooks, wall hooks, wood stain in the color of your choice, screws and nails, and a sanding block. It’s very simple and takes less than an hour to assemble. Plus, it’s great tote storage for your keys, wallet, purse, and other important items you want to be able to find quickly when you go out.


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be smart

Get ready to bring the outdoors inside. This step-by-step guide to paint terracotta pots will make your live green or flowering plants look beautiful in any room, now and in the spring. The supplies needed are minimal. All you need is a paintbrush or foam brush, craft paints and pots. Using painter’s tape or rubber bands as guidelines ensures that your stripes are perfectly aligned. These DIY jars can be more affordable than buying from the store. Make several in a seasonal color palette.

There are endless possibilities for a neat dinner table. From holidays and birthdays to a quiet dinner at home to snowfall, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your creativity. these reversible placemats are accented with fun tassels and are easy to make, even for novices. The pom poms are made from yarn and hand sewn onto the finished placemat. Choose a seasonal fabric or your two favorite colors, or put together a set now for your spring evenings.

Make the old new

If you have a sturdy old piece of furniture like a chest of drawers or a chair, now is the perfect time to renovate it with a coat of Paint. Chalk paint gives a soft vintage look and adheres to most finishes. A wax finish completes the look. Consider updating the hardware to give your dresser a whole new look. Go from dull to fabulous!

Lamps are another element of your home that may need an upgrade! Or find one at a local thrift store that has the shape you’re looking for but needs a little TLC. This DIY Ceramic Lamp Makeover walks you through the steps of preparing and painting your lamp, so it matches the style of your home and looks fabulous!

Keep the heat inside

You may be surprised to learn how much heat escapes your home through windows, doors and cracks. Take out the putty and fill in the gaps. Or make resistant to drafts using fabric and padding. Cut lengths of fabric to match the bottom of the door or window sill, then sew all the way around and fill.

Installing a programmable thermostat can save you hundreds of dollars. An experienced do-it-yourselfer can install most programmable thermostats and some smart thermostats. Customize the indoor temperature of your home to meet your heating and cooling needs.

Whether your DIY winter projects are just for show or practical solutions to your winter problems, we’re confident you’ll have success and fun while doing it!

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