Home Team Academy uses virtual reality to develop the soft skills of its trainers


SINGAPORE – Home Team Academy is using virtual reality technology to develop the soft skills of its trainers so they can continue to hone the skills of the next generation of officers to keep Singapore safe.

These soft skills include classroom management, dealing with disruptive behavior in the classroom, pedagogy, and presentation skills.

Virtual reality technology has been used to train officers in technical skills such as firearms handling and rioting, but this is the first time it has been used by the academy to develop skills not techniques, Home Team Academy general manager Anwar Abdullah said at an event on Tuesday (April 19).

The academy develops the skills of trainers in agencies such as the Singapore Police Force, Singapore Civil Defense Force, Immigration and Checkpoints Authority, Singapore Prison Service and the Central Narcotics Bureau . Armed with the newly acquired non-technical skills, these trainers can then better lead the training of the agents of their respective organizations.

It organized 20 virtual reality training sessions between last October and March this year for 113 trainers. The trainers were presented with virtual scenarios and are required to make decisions in the different classroom situations.

An example of such a scenario is when a learner disrupts the lesson and the trainers need to decide on the appropriate action to take. Their performance was then reviewed by a coach and this was followed by discussions, reflections and feedback.


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