Innovative New Token for Home Improvement – HomesCoin Begins Presale on DxSale


HomesCoin has launched the HomesCoin token presale on the DxSale platform and offers homeowners a chance to do home renovations with the cryptocurrency

HomesCoin offers a new look at NFTs to revolutionize the way we invest in our homes »

— Abbas Hussain, CEO of HomesCoin

USA, January 27, 2022 / — The cryptocurrency craze is sweeping the world and is widely embraced. One of the hallmarks of cryptocurrency is its ability to integrate into various industries. Despite fierce opposition from world governments, it is clear that cryptocurrency is the future of the financial market. Today, HomesCoin launched its HomesCoin tokenwhich essentially incorporates cryptocurrency and the home improvement industry.

HomesMarket is a decentralized platform designed to bring cutting-edge technology to the home improvement industry in the United States. It is a free intermediary platform to connect owners (researchers) with service providers (repairers) or product sellers (merchandisers). HomesMarket intends to act as a service delivery, lead generation, product sales and NFT platform. Based on blockchain technology and supported by the Polygon network, transactions will take place via the HomesCoin token.

Talking about the HomesCoin token, Abbas Hussain, CEO of HomesCoin said, “Our look at NFT will be different from anything offered now. Imagine buying a piece of land and then being able to build the house from our platform. to buy plans and designs from our NFT marketplace and hire a designer to do the interior design or kitchen or bathroom designs from the same marketplace You will be able to purchase the cabinets, tiles, all interior finishes , and then be able to find someone to set it all up for you.”

The home improvement industry is one of the biggest contributors to the US economy. It’s a huge $400 billion market with a current growth rate of 1.8% and an expected growth rate of 3.1%. Online searches for home repair services have doubled over the past year, and it is estimated that nearly 50-52% of Americans will have repair services in 2022. These statistics make the HomesCoin token initiative extremely essential and timely.

Several factors are hampering the growth of the home improvement industry including fraudulent transactions, delayed project completion, overpriced services, hiring of unskilled labor, termination of mid-term projection journey, payment issues, order changes, customer dissatisfaction and other forms of disagreements.
HomesCoin has policies aimed at alleviating the shortcomings of the home improvement industry by connecting seekers (owners) with reliable and qualified repairers (service providers) and merchants in affordable ranges. It strictly tracks project completion deadlines, order changes, mid-term project termination, payment issues or other disputes.

Undoubtedly, HomesCoin offers a next-level approach that would aid in transaction transparency, problem mediation, and secure transactions. The innovative technology allows community members to get exposure they have never experienced before.

To learn more, visit the presale page at: www.homescoin.ioand join their Telegram channel:

About Abbas Hussain
Abbas Hussain is the CEO of HomesCoin and has been involved in the home improvement industry for over a decade, from working in the field with clients to running a multi-million dollar home improvement business. of dollars. He saw problems in the industry with customers, suppliers, engineers and architects trying to create a new level of building.

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