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Grishma Apte, Managing Director, myAlfred LLC and Hisham Jaber, Co-Founder and Head of Strategy, The Healthy Home

Published: Thu 7 Apr 2022, 12:12 PM

Two years into the pandemic, and it’s fair to say there are a few things that have stuck with us all. First, the need to keep our homes clean and sanitized, to create a healthy indoor environment. Second, to keep us and our families safe. The need to protect oneself is becoming more and more important and it is not surprising that there is a link between health, well-being and insurance. So we were excited to learn more about the latest collaborative insurance giant announced with leading health and wellness provider, The Healthy Home. We asked members of the management team of both companies to tell us more:

“At, we are always keen to promote the services of companies that share our business philosophy and ethics. The Healthy Home shares our vision of caring for home, health and family. There is therefore a clear synergy between us, aligned with the desire to provide products and services that promote peace of mind at affordable prices,” said Avinash Babur, CEO of InsuranceMarket. ah.

Grishma Apte, Managing Director of myAlfred, said: “In addition to the excellent insurance offers that offers to its customers, we are proud to bring them great rewards thanks to our collaboration with myAlfred and our portfolio of partners. . We are delighted to have secured a 15% discount on The Healthy Home’s extensive range of health and wellness services, which we are sure will prove popular with our customers.

Further commenting, Hisham Jaber, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Healthy Home, said, “As a health and wellness-based company committed to creating better lives, all of our treatments are environmentally friendly. the environment, safe for children and provide medically approved benefits. such as improving sleep, breathing and energy levels for individuals and families. From air conditioning deep cleaning services to pest control, we have a solution for every situation and are excited to introduce them through this partnership with myAlfred.

With such a fantastic promotion available, we are heading towards The healthy house and to get our house in order.


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