Lavna breaks new ground on home security with range of smart door locks


Basic household locks will not suffice in the 21st century when theft is high. Although CCTV cameras can help secure one’s home, they can only provide real-time monitoring. There is a need for something more advanced than easy-to-break locks and CCTVs if one intends to take home security to the next level. Smart locks for homes are a simple solution as they will not only increase security but also overall accessibility. One such brand providing impeccable service over the past three years is Lavna Digital Locks. This is a place where you will get leading security solutions in the entire smart lock industry.

Global Data
Statistics show that the global smart door lock market was worth USD 1,172.5 million in 2019 and is projected to reach USD 4,449.2 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 18.4% during this period. Advancement in fundamental technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, cloud-based applications, big data, and others is driving the expansion of the smart lock market. This advanced technology will help large companies develop innovative smart door locks with a variety of functions.

Reason for the increased adoption of smart locks
Smart locks will not only make your home safer, but they will provide better control and efficiency. These smart home devices let you unlock doors using an app on your phone from anywhere, or they can even open when you’re near your front door. Not only will smart locks eliminate the need to drop everything into your hands to search for keys, but they will also allow you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere and grant digital “keys” to your friends, your family, guardians or anyone else who enters. your home regularly. To bring innovation to the industry, the Lavna brand has set a goal to launch approximately 80 virtual desktops in the coming years. The brand has successfully reached a target of 6 crores in a single year, which means people are more inclined to buy smart locks for their home security.

The dominant trend is increased adoption of emerging connection technologies
Increasing use of modern connection technologies such as 5G network, Bluetooth, Z-wave, Zigbee and others are some of the ways smart door locks can be operated. In smart locks, these technologies provide network connectivity and enhanced security features.

Government investments to increase demand for smart door locks during COVID-19
The global economy is impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the common issue, companies are now required to allow their employees to work from home (WFM). Additionally, the global information technology industry is faltering and several manufacturing plants are closing. Given these early variables, the smart door lock market is expected to drop significantly in the first half of 2020.

Speaking of the same, the brand founder said, “Our locks have set a new standard for adding a stylish touch to your home while maintaining high quality security standards. We are on a mission to equip PAN India of keyless digital locks that provide the highest security and peace of mind. Everything locked is supposed to be safe, and Lavna Locks has a forward-thinking management team that is constantly looking for ways to make that happen. . At Lavna Locks, we believe that one is enough. Without your consent, no one else can access your safe haven.”

Being one of Amazon’s picks, the Lavna Locks smart door lock has a simple and functional design and is used by builders during construction. It is suitable for wooden and metal doors. Fingerprint unlock, RFID card, PIN code or passwords and the usual old physical key are all included in this smart door lock. In addition to that, it also allows OTP-based login which comes in handy when you have visitors. Lavna Smart Locks app is available on Google Playstore and IOS Appstore. It is very simple and can be easily adopted by new users. Apart from being bug-free, it includes inbuilt features such as remote unlock from anywhere anytime, mobile app controlled time base access feature, add or deleting users by mobile app and many more. The brand also plans to introduce a new lock with a built-in video doorbell feature and facial recognition unlock feature with a 97% success rate.

Every modern home needs some level of protection, while standard door locks may suffice in some situations, having the ability to control and manage your home security remotely provides peace of mind. The best smart door locks combine the security of traditional locks with biometric security and other features. The Lavna Locks smart door lock is a fantastic solution with lots of features and a great look.


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