Non-profit organization to help Summerville residents in need of home improvements


SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) – The Summerville City Council recently voted to allocate $225,000 of federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to the nonprofit Lowcountry, Operation Home.

The non-profit organization focuses on essential repairs for low-income households to ensure they can continue to live safely in their homes.

Families who are at or below 50% federal median income guidelines can apply if their home needs repairs.

They focus on families who have children, elderly people or people with disabilities living at home.

They provide services such as building wheelchair accessible ramps, replacing the roof and floor, and upgrading bathroom safety.

Operation Home says the application process is fairly straightforward. First, the application will open on March 21. Then all a person has to do is call Operation Home to request a telephone pre-selection.

Once they have selected their clients, they will start as soon as possible.

Miriam Langley, executive director of Operation Home, says phone screening aims to ensure a family meets all the necessary requirements.

“We need to establish ownership of the house, we need to establish exactly where they live in the city of Summerville, and then ask questions that lead us to find out their income, and then we can move forward with the type of repair they need in the city. home,” Langley said.

Operation Home says the best way to contact them is by dialing (843) 212-8936.

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