Over 7,000 Home Team Officers Promoted at Ceremony


SINGAPORE – For most of his engineering career, Dr. Daniel Teo Tat Joo has devoted his time and energy to developing technology solutions for commercial entities.

But he began to question his purpose.

“I was developing all these solutions for businesses, devoting all my time and energy to helping them generate more and more revenue,” he said.

“I started to wonder why I was doing this, and if I could actually do more with my life. I wondered how I could better serve Singapore.”

Dr Teo, 45, then decided to join the Home Team Science and Technology (HTX) Agency in 2019, and hasn’t looked back since.

He is now Deputy Director of HTX’s Robotics, Automation and Unmanned Systems Center of Expertise, leading, developing and managing its technology development roadmap and research initiatives.

The engineer was promoted to the HTX 10 technical drawing during the home team’s promotion ceremony held at the Max Atria on Tuesday, May 24.

He was one of 7,206 local team officers who were promoted at the ceremony, which recognizes officers promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or Superintendent and above, and equivalent ranks in the Special Constabulary. Voluntary (VSC), Civil Defense Auxiliary Unit (CDAU) and Civil Service schemes.

This year’s graduating classes include 4,088 regular officers from local team departments and statutory councils, 3,029 service-ready national servicemen from the Singapore Police and Singapore Civil Defense Force, and 89 members of the VSC and of the CDAU.

Dr. Teo helped develop several technological solutions for the local team, including the powered stretcher and the prison’s automated screening system.

He said his work at HTX has given him a greater sense of purpose, and he hopes to inspire the next generation of engineers to find purpose in their work as well.

“At HTX, it’s been very busy but also very fulfilling, knowing that through innovation I’m helping to change and save lives,” he said.

“I always tell young engineers that yes, there are many career options, but there will come a time when you will wonder how you lived your life. I tell them that they have to find meaning in their work and also contribute to the society .”

The ceremony also saw Special Operations Command (SOC) Commander Arthur Law Kok Leong promoted to Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) after 26 years of service.


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