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Domestical economy continues to deliver laughs in its second season for ABC, and while the entire cast is a perfect ensemble, one member is a total scene stealer right now.

Below, find out why Jimmy Tatro is one to watch. Domestical economy.

He plays…

Connor Hayworth, the wealthy, slightly dark little brother of novelist Tom (Topher Grace) and guidance counselor Sarah (Caitlin McGee), and single father of daughter Gretchen (Shiloh Bearman). What he lacks in common sense, the private equity scholar makes up for with unbridled generosity and a heart as big as his bank account.

(Credit: ABC/Temma Hankin)

where you’ve seen it before

The California native landed his breakout role in 2017 as prime graffiti suspect Dylan Maxwell in Netflix’s true-crime mockumentary american vandal thanks to his ever-popular YouTube channel. “That has always been the goal: to get around the goalkeepers who [usually] to stand between a normal person and being able to be on screen,” he says.

Why we love it

Mark Hoppus

Karyn Kusama's Dracula movie abandoned

Tatro’s deadpan delivery is high art, as is his knack for elevating his man-child persona into the guy we want to see fall in love with. “It’s Connor [our] only opportunity to really play out those scenarios,” he says of the newly divorced capture’s short-lived romances with most of the Residenceguest female stars. “So I was lucky!”

Class action

In the April 20 episode, the mothers at Gretchen’s school learn that he is on his own again. “They all seem to want a piece of Connor,” Tatro warns. “And he’s just overwhelmed.”

Domestical economyWednesdays, 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., ABC

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