Sitedropp announces same-day delivery of home improvement products


BENTON HARBOUR, Mich., February 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sitedropp is excited to announce its soft launch in Southwest Michigan. We invite our first customers to start saving time and money with Sitedropp’s on-demand delivery service for home improvement and building materials. This soft launch rewards a number of firsts customers with extremely discounted and, in some cases, free delivery services. In return, Abandonment of the site collects feedback about our app so that we can provide you with the best possible user experience. During our soft launch, we will manage the number of users invited to the app and manage our delivery capacity.

“We are a game changer for the home improvement professional. Sitedropp is an on-demand delivery service that brings materials directly to you from your favorite home improvement stores. Contractors who use Sitedropp benefit from increased productivity and great savings, when compared to sending their own team to the store,” the co-founders said.

“Our driver the base is growing. We are a highly desirable company, capable of attracting and retaining the right candidates and providing them with long-term career potential.”

About Sitedrop
Sitedropp is an on-demand delivery platform that brings project materials directly to the customer’s location. Our founders are experts in construction, technology and people. Sitedropp customers include professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers making improvements to their homes. Sitedropp saves our customers time and money by managing completed materials in a timely, convenient and reliable manner. Retailers can partner with Sitedropp to meet very high customer expectations for fast delivery. Sitedropp’s vision is to make building and improving the home more possible by delivering what customers need most for their best tomorrow today. Find Sitedropp online at Abandonment of the site and LinkedIn.

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