These are the top home improvement and DIY trends that will dominate the market


According to the United States Data$94.9 billion in building products was for new single-family homes and several families projects in 2019 alone – a number that has since risen, with analysts being rather optimistic about 2022.

It is also evident that after a boom, the global market home improvement The market will continue to grow steadily through 2027 as home improvement projects will give an additional boost to the construction industry in the United States as do-it-yourself (DIY) projects continue to rise.

So, what lies ahead in the home improvement sector and what are the main DIY trends?

Sense of fulfillment

Studies show that do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are a common behavior among consumers. Their popularity is based on the fact that DIYers can be part of a community, and the sense of fulfillment and accomplishment for a job well done during a constructive hobby.

Gardening practices, wood and landscape management, as well as painting and the use of new building materials, should be central to the global strategy. home improvement Marlet.

Additionally, e-commerce has seen a major spike as DIYers seek to find seamless digital services.

Why are DIY and home improvement so popular?

Remote working and the trend to save money have made Americans more likely to spend more time at home. However, their record home improvement expenses $457 billion shows they’re not just sitting at home watching Netflix.

The do-it-yourselfers kept busy and created a more comfortable living space as they spent more time there. Some of the most common changes seen include adding home gyms, designated home office spaces, installing decks or pools, starting a garden, renovating bedrooms and painting spaces. of life.

Complete bedroom makeover

One of the major trends that started during the DIY boom and is certainly accelerating is the custom bedroom makeover. With travel bans preventing people from enjoying the comforts of a hotel room, the opportunity to bring Pinterest boards to life presents itself.

Transforming bedrooms with refreshing mattresses and new linens, or perhaps candles and antique furniture, is becoming a habit for many Americans who crave comfort, luxury and style.

These improvements have not only brought aesthetic appeal, but also ensure that Americans have a better quality of sleep, which in turn allows for greater productive daytime.

Kitchen Glow-Ups

The lockdown has caused a sharp increase social networks cooks. There was a time when it became almost impossible to scroll through your feed without an image of homemade banana bread appearing.

Lead Economist Marine Sargsyan says kitchen renovation “is consistently the most common project homeowners undertake when renovating”.

“While median spending has remained flat over the past three years, it’s been interesting to see investment in major kitchen renovations jump so significantly over the past year. On average, homeowners in the states States spend $12,000 on a kitchen renovation.

Marble countertops, sleek finishes, and wood accents were some of the popular trends that peeked into for kitchen makeovers.

Gardening and landscaping

Americans have also dabbled in gardening over the past year. From landscaped gardens to mini collections of succulents, there has been an overall increase in exploration of the world of botany.

Regarding outdoor landscaping, Fernando Wong, one of Clipped’s judges, said, “Outdoor beds and borders are wonderful ways to help define Outside spaces and allow flexibility when it comes to changing plants and flowers on a seasonal basis.

“An outdoor bed is also perfect for adding an easy-care splash of color, while decorative borders allow natural materials, such as stone and wood, to be incorporated.”

For those who live in apartments, easy-care plants such as succulents have proven to be extremely popular as they give living spaces a unique earthy touch, while being easy to maintain.

Simply repaint

While not everyone can do a full 180 on their home, many have opted to simply repaint their living spaces. Whether it’s refreshing a sun-faded wall with a fresh coat or brightly colored accent walls, a simple paint job can transform a room.

However, repainting doesn’t have to be just for walls, as countertops, cabinets, and even floors can be painted to completely transform the look of a home. With the right products and a little creativity — and with the help of Youtube and Pinterest – people can mimic the finish of wood, stone, or marble.

Final Thoughts

Home renovations, no matter how small, are a way to improve your living space. By incorporating simple DIY projects into the process, Americans were not only able to give their space a more personalized touch, but they also gave themselves room to grow – to learn a new skill and experience a sense of accomplishment.

From buying a high-quality mattress to completely renovating the yard, home improvements and DIY trends are set to be in all the media this year. With options to fit every budget and with styles to suit every aesthetic, people are sure to find a home improvement project that’s just right for them.

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