Things are getting ready at Rice with a new home economics room


AFTER years of fundraising, Rice College officially opened a new, state-of-the-art home economics hall this week.

Current and past parent associations have led the fundraising effort and as a result, the school is finally able to offer home economics as a subject from the junior cycle to the current early years.

A home economics teacher, Meagan Bourke, was appointed last summer and the conversion of an existing classroom into a custom-designed hands-on room with 10 stations, disabled access, and facilities and accessories for high specification took place.

Louis Mulqueen, Principal, welcomed the development saying, “The broadening of the curriculum that this room allows, as well as the obvious skills that will be developed by our students, the life skills, meeting the Indicators of Well- being in the junior cycle – Active, Responsible, Connected, Resilient, Aware, Respected – is a fantastic achievement for the college.

“We have long hoped that this day would come and thanks to the hard work and dedication of our parents, our staff and the vision of our BOM, we can now add another subject to our already voluminous curriculum.”

The principal also congratulated the students present, who had been busy working in the kitchen since Monday morning.

He stressed that they are part of the new history of their school and that they must be proud of the role they too had to play to make this morning possible.

“In the true spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice, students will be educated for the real world, enabling them to become active and responsible citizens of the future,” he concluded.


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