Thinking of DIY in your home? Finger injuries cause the most hospital visits, according to analysis


The study found that the three most common injuries caused by home workshop equipment requiring emergency treatment were lacerations (127,486), broken bones (35,917) and bruises or abrasions (34 806). The three least common were dermatitis or conjunctivitis (1,800), concussion (1,807), and crush (2,104).

Data has shown that home improvement with shop equipment puts homeowners at risk of injury and emergency attention to the following three main body parts:

  • Finger (117,026)
  • Hand (37,308)
  • Eyeball (34,827)

The three least risky body parts were:

  • Neck (1,875)
  • Elbow (2,345)
  • Mouth (2,467)

Laura AdamsMBA and nationally recognized financial expert at, says, “Before you make any real estate plans, make sure you have the right insurance, like a health plan and enough homeowners coverage, for you protect you and your finances from an unexpected accident.”

The top three most common causes of home improvement injuries were hand tools (107,285), power saws (83,141) and other miscellaneous equipment (42,586). It is essential to know how to use the tools correctly, to incorporate safety equipment and to wear appropriate clothing to avoid injuries.

Adams reminds owners that an injury requiring even a quick trip to the ER can cost thousands of dollars if you don’t have health insurance.

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