Topher Grace Explains the Undeniable Family Chemistry


Domestical economy maybe a new show, but the format remains the same. The show was a hit in its first season, and ABC, which brazenly marketed it as the umped up versions of family-centric shows like modern family, gave him the green light for a new season. Now fans can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have a second chance to catch up with their favorite dysfunctional family. Part of the reason the TV show works is the cast’s undeniable chemistry, as actor Topher Grace explains.

‘Home Economics’ borrows from one of the showrunners

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Domestical economy follows the lives of three siblings on their different life journeys. The older brother, Tom, played by Grace, is a struggling social worker who is not moving forward with his career and his new authorship business.

Middle child Sarah played by Caitlin McGee works as a child therapist and can barely keep her family afloat. When she tells her siblings about her financial situation, they laugh at her and her job.

The later Connor sibling, played by Jimmy Tatro, is quite different from his older siblings. He runs his own private equity firm and is a tycoon with immense wealth. He only has one daughter, whom he shares with his ex-wife.

Connor goes to great lengths to portray a happy life, but when his siblings become suspicious of his wife’s noisy absence, he confesses and informs them that his wife has left him and their daughter.

Tom and Sarah’s families move in with Connor, who openly welcomes the company after realizing that they are each unable to make ends meet. The show follows the three siblings as they adjust to their new circumstances living together under one roof. The show borrowed from co-creator Michael Colton who took certain aspects of his life and incorporated them into Domestical economy.

Topher Grace says the cast has fantastic chemistry

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Grace recently had a chat with GQ Magazine about Domestical economy and what makes the show so great. In the interview, the topic of Hayworth family chemistry came up. The interviewer asked Grace what role he played in making sure they found the perfect family for the hit show.

Grace said he found the show diverse and the family history was great. However, the actor admitted he was nervous when he first showed up on set, but by the time they finished filming on day two, he “was overconfident”.

He said, “You just know when it clicks, but this band, you really thrive every day because you love everyone you work with.” In a separate interview with TV Insider, the actor said the Domestical economy the actors generally have a lot of fun working together and even gave an example.

He said his favorite episode was episode 106, where they threw a party at Connor’s house. Grace said they had fun filming the episode and even compared it to “going to a party with your friends.”

When does ‘Home Economics’ season 2 air?

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Although Domestical economy is still in its infancy, the show has proven to be a gold mine of ratings and has resonated well with audiences. ABC renewed the beloved show for another season on May 14, 2021, before the first season even wrapped. The first season had seven episodes airing from April 7 and ending on May 19, 2021.

Domestical economy is planning a September 22, 2021 debut with an unannounced episode count. The series will likely pick up from the last episode, which saw the Hayworth siblings fight after Tom accidentally sent Connor his tell-all sibling book. Tensions ran high during the season 1 finale of Domestical economyleaving fans wanting more.

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