Why Denise from Home Economics Sounds So Familiar


Sasheer Zamata may also be recognizable from his recurring role on TBS’s “The Last OG.” The series is directed by fellow “SNL” Tracy Morgan and it was co-created and produced by “Get Out” filmmaker Jordan Peele. Premiering in 2018, Zamata only appeared on the 2020 Season 3 episode “Started from the Bottom”, the second of the season.

In the show, Morgan portrays a man entering a new world and trying to rebuild his family after spending 15 years in prison. The comedy often involves Morgan’s Tray learning about how the culture has changed over the years, an example being Zamata’s debut episode as the character of Isis. Tray meets up with his neighbors and asks if he can get a smile, at which Zamata tears into him with an energy that many of his stand-up comedy fans will recognize. However, this only leads to Tray then offering to open a door for her, to which she has to teach him another lesson, informing him that women can open their own doors these days.

Zamata appears in two later Season 3 episodes of the series – titled “The Breaks” and “In Da Club” – and is certainly one of the most memorable characters from the comedy’s four seasons.


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