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The concept is simple: three siblings, three very different tax brackets. Domestical economy premiered in April 2021 with a seven-episode season, then was renewed for a second season which premiered in September 2021. The first season wasn’t bad, but it was the second season that really kicked things off sending to the series. Too many shows don’t get a second season to let the show grow on its own. Fortunately, Homepage Economy had the opportunity. Here are three reasons why Season 2 feels way more comfortable in its own skin.

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The premise faded into the background

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Yes, it’s a show about money, but money doesn’t have to be all we talk about. Conor (jimmy tatro) is a multi-millionaire who owns his own private equity firm and lives in a McMansion overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. To M (Topher Grace), a fledgling author who, despite living in an adorable Craftsman home in the Bay Area, is clearly struggling to make money. Like his wife, Marina (Karla Souza) decided to quit her lucrative legal career and be a stay-at-home mom to their newborn twins, the only source of income being Tom’s non-existent new novel. And Sarah (Caitlin McGee), who lives with his wife (Sasheer Zamata) and two children in an apartment that a Bay Area real estate agent would describe as “comfortable” recently lost his job while refusing to contact Connor for help. The topic of money is always present and obvious, but not making it the foreground of every episode has only made the show stronger. Sure, Sarah will occasionally make a sarcastic comment about the laughable excess of Connor’s lifestyle, but she’ll also happily accept VIP tickets to a 49ers game. We’ve been shown enough of their income disparities that they don’t have to say it. Money is a factor in all areas of life, but at the end of the day, it’s the family that counts. And sometimes a show about simple, old-fashioned family dynamics is more than enough to be quality television.


The hook of the first season (thankfully) ended quickly

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Desperate to write a new bestselling novel, Tom’s publisher (Nicole Byer) loves his talk about writing a tell-all about his family. Tom decides to keep this a secret worrying about the reaction of his siblings. But you never really know why he is so worried. Connor and Sarah really have nothing to lose by him writing about them. Even when he tries to make it salacious, it comes across as a compliment. Tom is too nice to write mischievously and reframes the book as a tribute to his family’s strengths. When this secret romance is revealed in the finale, the family ends up being supportive and excited for their new book. And audiences could breathe a sigh of relief that it wouldn’t drive the show anymore because it wasn’t necessary. It was a conflict that set in to create tension between the siblings. However, siblings don’t need a reason for tension – being siblings is the only tension they need. Once this story was resolved, we really got to know the family and enjoy their relationship.

The cast gelled

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Tom, Sarah and Connor really feel like siblings. They argue, they tease, they joke, but they argue like no other. Tom’s wife, Marina, and Sarah’s wife, Denise, have that special bond that only sibling spouses can have. And their children feel like a bunch of cousins ​​who enjoy spending time together. It would be easy for these characters to fall into a tropical trap, instead they have layers and are complicated which makes them not only relatable but likable. The cast is to be commended. Taking an established comic leading man such as Topher Grace and surrounding him with experienced character actors, the cast seems to blend into a familiar and entertaining whole. Caitlin McGee is no stranger to comedy since her work on Apple+ Show, mythical quest and Sasheer Zamata is a SNL and UCB alum. Jimmy Tatro burst onto the scene with his web series, Life According to Jimmybut viewers may know him best from american vandal and Alex’s boyfriend on modern family. But the biggest revelation is Karla Souza.

After numerous roles on Mexican television and cinema, she made her debut in the United States in 2014 in How to have away from murder. Knowing her more as a dramatic actress, her comedic timing is a delightful surprise. As Tom’s wife, Marina, she is often referred to as everyone’s favorite in the family as well as the one no one would mess with. The electric chemistry with Tom is that of a couple who went through the wringer but would die for each other. Hopefully this show lasts long enough to meet some of Marina and Denise’s family members and see how they fit into the family they married into. And finally, the supporting cast includes child actors Jordyn Curet, jecobi swain, Chloe Jo Rountreeand Shiloh Bearman as siblings, Nora Dunn and Phil Reeves as the parents of the siblings, and the scene stealer Lidia Porto as Lupe, Connor’s housekeeper/nanny, all get a lot of laughs in their reactions to the Hayworth family’s antics. Rounding out these characters and letting them settle into these roles has allowed the storytelling and universe of the characters to fully establish itself, and should give it more longevity.

Globally, Domestical economy fits right in with what has blossomed into ABC Wednesdays comedy programming. With established tubes like The Goldbergs and The Connersas well as the new wonderful years to restart, Domestical economy earned his position as presenter for all four shows. The comedic writing is only eclipsed by the sweetness factor, especially for viewers with siblings they love and miss, it will strike the right balance.

New episodes of Domestical economy airs Wednesday nights on ABC. All episodes aired are available on the Hulu and ABC streaming app.

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